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Who: Bonnie

What: I am a writer of fiction, food, nature, everyday occurrences and hidden treasures. I play with paper and glue and ink and other things. I am an urban dweller who helps people of all ages connect with the nature that exists in the city. I am a native Californian who sometimes misses her mountains and el Pacifico.

Why: I believe in good design and that heroes are everywhere. I started this blog to explore and find the beautiful in the everyday, whether it be objects or people or happenstance or art or actions or even a plate of fried chicken. I also started it so friends and family who are far away can peek into in our happy little world.

Where: I live in Chicago with my husband Ted and our two boys Sam & Ben.

What Else: I am an explorer of food from every culture imaginable and have been known to go great lengths to score a fish taco or a pierogi made by a bunch of Polish ladies in a church basement.

I believe in peace and the power of travel. I buy produce and meat from farmers. I like to talk. I drink tea with honey. I go to thrift stores and garage sales to feel better. Textiles turn me on. I believe in books and feel safe in a good bookstore. I have a collection of Mexican wrestlers and old toy trucks.


my son, tarts, Joy Williams, dolls, paper crafts, farmers, birds, baking, Mexican grocery stores, old linens, old nature books, chocolate and tea, travel, all sorts of music, gathering with friends, nature walks & urban hikes, swimming in the ocean.