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February 04, 2011


amy de la fuente

Very nice. Now I'm inspired to get crafty. I know Sofia would have fun with something like that. Too bad I threw out a bunch of broken crayons a month ago:(

sarah steedman

those are so great! i love that you always make a super thoughtful handmade valentine for the kids and their classmates.
sophia wants me to tell you that she lost another tooth last night- a top one. it actually was not even loose, it got yanked out when she was playing being a caught wolf with a (jump)rope in her mouth, and her friend pulled on the rope and the tooth popped out.OUCH. the tooth fairy was good to her!

Bonnie Tawse

Amy: I have enough crayons left in the bag to do this 10 times. You are welcome to them and to borrow my heart pan. Just let me know.

Bonnie Tawse

I hope the Tooth Fairy gives love triple overtime wages to the gal that gets her tooth ripped out. Yowza. Sam is going to be so in awe of Sophie!

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